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HorsePower Australia empowers people living

with diversabilities to develop new skills,

discover new abilities and define

the life they want to live. 

HorsePower Australia (HorsePower) is a community based charitable organisation servicing individuals with diversabilities across the state of Western Australia.

​HorsePower provides equine-assisted therapeutic, educational, recreational and sporting activities aimed at empowering people with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges - diversabilities to develop new skills, discover new abilities and define the life they want to live.

​With the assistance of over 500 volunteers, HorsePower combines the transformative power and the therapeutic effects of horses in the provision of adaptive mounted and unmounted programs; carriage driving, vaulting and walking with horses/donkeys; as well as specialised therapeutic riding (Hippotherapy) which is delivered with the assistance of a qualified physiotherapist, occupational therapist or speech pathologist to over 450 people with diversabilities of all ages.

​Apart from being fun, the three dimensional movement of the horse provides neuromuscular stimulation similar to that of a human walking which promotes improved muscle strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence.

​The benefits of spending time with a horse are not just in the area of health, HorsePower activities also provide benefits in the areas of education, sport, recreation and social inclusion.

​The simple pleasure of working with horses encourages responsible and caring attitudes, improved self-esteem, communication skills, leadership and trust.

All participants are able to enjoy equine-assisted activities appropriate to their abilities; delivered in a supportive and socially integrated setting.

​HorsePower relies on the kindness of others to provide our service to those in need within our community. Medical professionals are increasingly recognising that there are significant physical and mental health benefits to being involved with horses and being active within your community. Locate a HorsePower centre near you today and become part of something special.

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