Horse Riding

Goal-based riding programs conducted under the instruction of accredited HorsePower Australia coaches.

Everything looks different on horseback, including you.

You’ll see that you’re capable of more than you think.

You’ll discover new friends, new skills and strengths

you didn’t know you had. You’ll see a future filled

with opportunities and that you’re strong enough

to seize them. That’s HorsePower.

HorsePower Australia's riding programs focus on performing specific movements whilst riding the horse. Structured programs conducted under the instruction of accredited HorsePower Australia coaches with the assistance of trained volunteers and accredited horses provides individuals with a range of challenging tasks and exercises designed to develop both physical and emotional abilities. 

The therapeutic benefits of riding are numerous and as well as the physical benefits such as improved posture and balance, exercising with a horse is great fun! Horse riding can also improve your communication, confidence and decision making abilities as well as provide you with the opportunity to engage with a community of like minded people. 

HorsePower Australia offers a number of pathways for people with disabilities who wish to try something a little more challenging and compete in the sporting arena. These include opportunites to become involved in Para-equestrian and Special Olympics programs. 

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