Carriage Driving

Provides individuals who are no longer able to ride a horse the opportunity to experience the great outdoors.

An alternative recreational and

social activity that provides physical,

emotional and social benefits. 

Carriage Driving teaches people with diversabilities to drive carriage horses/ponies and offers a different experience from riding where they can enjoy an outdoor activity with animals and other people. 

HorsePower Australia Carriage Driving programs can range from a nice relaxing pleasure drive through the bush to more fast paced driving courses where the drivers ability to make descisions and control a moving carriage are put to the test. With  specially built wheelchair loading carriages this program is open to people of all ages and abiliites. An experience HorsePower Australia coach assists the participant in the carriage and a team of specially trained volunteers are always on the ground ready to provide support if needed. 

As well as participating in a fun activity Carriage Drivers can also benefit from the fantastic therapeutic benefits of the program including improved coordination, muscle power and balance. Being outside and handling animals also gives participants a sense of accomplishment and growing self-confidence. Not only do participants make new friend (both two-legged and four-legged), they learn new skills and have fun. 



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